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Blairgowrie Single Storey New Custom Home

While it may have been quick to build, the Blairgowrie home is by no means simple or plain. The home includes:

  • The intelligent use of materials and colour tones externally to allow the home to fit beautifully within its environment.
  • A large designer kitchen with direct access to both the internal living/dining room and external decking.
  • Large glass doors that open onto the external rear decking.
  • Beautifully appointed designer bathroom and ensuite, with large format tiles and exquisite features.
  • Stunning hardwood floors throughout.
  • A built-in gas log fireplace in the main living area.
  • An extra wide front door, entrance and passage.

The result not only looks stunning. It creates an entirely practical house on an area of the Mornington Peninsula that any family would be delighted to call home.

We have just finished our build down the Peninsula with Smithkon and Alex Smith. This is my sixth build and without doubt the most pleasing and professional build we have done to date. If I have another build in me Alex will be the first I would call.
From the get go we had a very positive vibe about Alex and his capability to deliver – despite the chaos of the industry at that time.
We had the opportunity to view his recently completed build in Mornington and were blown away with the finishes and design – remarkably similar to our proposed build in almost every facet. That’s what we wanted ours to look and feel like!
Between July 22 and December 22, Alex and I worked together to gain the building permit. Nothing was too much trouble and his network of industry contacts achieved the permit approval in December 2022 – whilst we were overseas in the US. Alex owned the process like it was his own, without hesitation and with unwavering communication.
Building commenced in early 2023 with the slab poured on January 31. Whilst I am totally confident that the build would have been brilliant without any further input from us, we communicated daily and embraced suggestions for tweaks and special touches to enhance the build.
The build – a single storey 260 m2 home on a level block – took four months to the day. It was exactly as had been tabled at the beginning by Alex – I didn’t think it was possible. But it was.
The house is truly perfect – the tiling, plastering, alignment angles, cabinetry, downlight positioning, everything. It’s never been this easy and the outcome never as satisfying.
Alex is a perfectionist and in an industry of “near enough is good enough” a rarity indeed.
And a shout out to his extended team of trades. It was awesome seeing your care and attention to detail – and good blokes as well. Thank you.
Cheers Alex – outstanding job and a true pleasure working with you.

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