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Are you a property developer looking for a trusted local builder?
If you’re a property developer that works on the Mornington Peninsula, Smithkon Group are your perfect partners.

We specialise in property development, whether it’s a single dwelling in Rye, a series of townhouses in Dromana or a multi-unit development in Mornington.

If you need a builder who gets property development, contact Smithkon today.

We get property developers

Successful property development is much more than just building homes, townhouses and units. It takes a combination of an excellent understanding of the economy, the property market, town planning, finance and building construction. The ability to engage communities, work with councils and other authorities, meticulously project manage and be a visionary are also vital.

Plus, the ability to surround yourself with a team that can bring your visions to life. A team like Smithkon Group.

When you partner with Smithkon Group to build your projects:

  • We will work with you to maximise the potential of your block.
  • We’ll work with your plans, architectural drawings and engineering designs to provide a turnkey solution of high quality.
  • We’ll commit to meeting your budget and your timelines.
  • You can get on with your job, while trusting us to get on with ours. Our experience in home building means you can rely on us to meticulously organise all aspects of the build, including trades.
  • You can rely on us to be professional and provide clear communication throughout your projects.

From blueprint to reality. Bring your property development visions to life.

Partnering with a builder to achieve your property development visions is a big decision. You want more than just someone who’s a good builder. You want someone who will work with you throughout the process to value add at all stages, without compromising on quality.

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Our Projects

Some Of Our Recent Custom Build Projects

Check out our recently completed projects in the Mornington Peninsula

The Questions Smithkon Group Can Answer About Your Build

We’re well experienced in this department. With scheduling charts and efficient pre-ordering we’re able to avoid delays from the get go. Getting started on the right foot with all the necessary materials ensures we stay on track and meet key deadlines.
We create a client portal specifically for your project so you can receive weekly updates with photos and progress. It’ll also include what we’re expecting for the following week, along with the ability to schedule onsite meetings at key stages of the build!
First of all, don’t stress! We’ll contact you before contracts are prepared to work through the materials that still need to be chosen. This helps eliminate confusion and stress before the job has started. If there are items that haven’t been chosen, both parties will agree on a reasonable allowance to continue moving forward. No one likes hidden costs, so we make sure to keep things upfront and open so everybody’s happy with the progress of the project.
Our goal is to build a great relationship with our clients throughout the entire project. When our defects liability finishes we still want you to give us a call if you run into any issues with your home. You can rest easy too as the builder’s warranty lasts for 6 years post-build on structural projects and 2 years on non-structural.
At Smithkon we only use licensed and qualified tradies that we trust and have worked with for years. We know that every stakeholder in our business operates at the highest level of quality, and we ensure that through our stringent on-site processes.
A fixed contract is our recommended method as it gives us a clear picture of the total build cost for both parties. When you’re building there’s always a risk of unforeseen costs – we try our absolute best to eliminate this or identify it in the preliminary stage. Foregoing that we also use a variation process that provides plenty of lead time and notice as well.
We’re very proud of every job we do and have good relationships with our previous clients. You can view photos of that work on our site, or contact us and we can arrange a walkthrough of our previous builds as well.

Complications are almost certain to arise during every project. We keep an open line of communication throughout the entire build so you know what’s going on. If an issue does arise, you’ll be the first to know and we’ll invite you to be a part of the troubleshooting process to find the best solution for your build.

Smithkon’s Happy Clients

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“I can highly rate Alex’s building expertise and service. His follow-up from start to finish was prompt and efficient.”
Brian & Louise
Brian & Louise
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"We have just finished our build down the Peninsula with Smithkon - Alex Smith. This is my 6th build and without doubt the most pleasing and professional build we have done to date. If I have another build in me Alex will be the first I would call. Alex is a perfectionist and in an industry of “ near enough is good enough” a rarity indeed.

Cheers Alex - outstanding job and a true pleasure working with you.
Brittany & Jack
Brittany & Jack
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"Alex made building a house seamless and hassle- free. All trades were very professional, and their workmanship was of a very high standard. Our build was completed ahead of schedule, and we couldn’t be happier. Alex was delightful to work with, and our home is simply perfect!"
Jake & Nikola
Jake & Nikola
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"We recently had Alex from Smithkon Group build two double story town houses for us. From the beginning he was great to deal with, providing us with detailed information in a timely manner which made us feel confident he would get the job done. The project went smoothly from start to finish and he kept us updated during the process, all his tradesman did a wonderful job. Nothing was too hard for his team, and they were very flexible with any small changes that needed to be made. We would highly recommend Alex to anyone thinking of building."
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